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Organization Transformation

Our expertise acquired in Europe, US and Internationally within blue-chip pharma, biotech, mid size pharma and biotech start up gives us an unique set of experiences, cross functionally, across geographies, across therapeutics areas.

Transition Management

Transition Management

During the challenging period of transition between two managers, during company or regional set up, during a re-organization, re-alignement, merger & acquisition,

We have the capabilities and experiences to undertake critical transition roles of senior managers & CEO.

Geographic Expansion – Business Development

Geographic Expansion
Business Development

Our multiple successful experiences in developing pharma & biotech businesses or building from scratch teams and businesses in various countries within Europe, in the US or Internationally, either directly or through distributors are strong assets for our customers.
We rely on unique set of internal and external capabilities (marketing, sales, regulatory, medical affairs, legal, HR, training & coaching, market access, market research, KOLs)

Our Expertise

Minerva Lifesciences provides a unique competitive edge in the pharma & biotech industries on cross-functional projects aimed at delivering optimal strategies, actionable solutions and flawless execution for long-term sustainable results


We worked on :

  • Amgen™s Aranesp (Darbopoietin alpha)
  • Teva™s Granix (tbo-filgrastim), Lonquest (lipegfilgrastim) – Oncology
  • Eyevensys™ EYS606 & 609 (Gene therapy) – Ophtalomology


We worked on

  • Teva™s Epo, GCSF, Rituxan
  • Teva™s hGH (US)
  • Ranitizumab, Natalizumab, Infliximab
  • Polpharma biosimilars portfolio assesment

Specialty Pharma

We worked on :

  • Sanofi™s Plavix (clopigdogrel), Aprovel (irbesartan), Actonel (Risedronate)
  • Roche™s Boniva (ibandronate)
  • Amgen™s Mimpara (cinacalcet)
  • Baxter™s Renal Dialysis


We worked on :

  • Oralair
  • Actair
  • Phostal, Alustal, Venoms

Branded Generics

We worked on :

  • Teva™s Clozapine (Psychiatry)
  • Teva™s Adipex (endocrinology)
  • Teva™s Amiodarone, Dobutamine (Cardiology)

This blend of expertise is the foundation for offering unique tailored approaches and solutions to meet each of our customers specific needs

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