Organization transformation

Transition Management

Geographic Expansion

Business Development

Business Offering

  • Expert Advisers with focus on
    • Strategic approach & local execution
    • Organization transformation & governance including regional and global re-alignment, streamlining processes & structures
    • Development, management of local, regional & international organization including talent evaluation, training & coaching
    • Specialty Product launch & re-launch
    • Branded generics
    • Biosimilars
    • Allergy
  • Transition Management (Senior Management, VPs, Executive Directors)
  • Building, expanding your EU & International commercialization businesses
  • Local-regional commercialization
  • Business Development
Business Offering

Examples of missions & projects achieved

Commercialization – Geographic Expansion
Business Development

Our multiple successful experiences in developing pharma & biotech businesses or building from scratch teams and businesses in various countries within Europe, in the US or Internationally, either directly or through distributors are strong assets for our customers.
We rely on unique set of internal and external capabilities (marketing, sales, regulatory, medical affairs, legal, HR, training & coaching, market access, market research, KOLs…)

We offer strong opportunities to expand your business in selected countries, regionally (EU, MEA, Eastern Europe…), internationally through creative solutions in the best short, mid /long term interests of both parties and in full alignment with the client / partner objectives & priorities

We propose various proven solutions:

  • in-licensing
  • joint ventures
  • transition management and support to set up organization, co-develop and execute client strategy & plan during the initiation phases

Our expertise: to develop local, regional, cost effective commercial organizations to maximize yours/ours business opportunities and return.

Transition Management

During the challenging period of transition between two managers, during company or regional set up, during a re-organization, re-alignement, merger & acquisition,

We have the capabilities and experiences to undertake critical transition roles of senior managers & CEO.

  • Transition management : General Manager, Head of Region, commercial Officer, COO, CEO
    • to insure strategic review, strategic planning, business assessment
    • implementation of marketing & sales plans
    • organization set up, team assessment, re-alignment of priorities, re-organization…
    • rebuild team confidence, motivation, trust, in the company & management, development of a vision, action plan,
    • maintain and grow the business during these critical phases of the life of a company

Consulting – Strategy
Organization Transformation

  • Local, regional EU, International product launch development:
    from identification of market trends, unmet needs, to positioning, claims developments, promotional material development, targeting & segmentation, patients & prescribers services, assessment of opex required, training of sales forces, transition to the operational marketing & sales teams.
  • Development, assessment, review of portfolio, product, services strategies based on patients, prescribers, payers input & local execution to optimize sales, investment & return
  • Organization transformation & governance including regional and global re-alignment, streamlining processes & structures. Lean & cost effective organization.
    • Development or re-organization at country-regional-global organization in light of new launches, strategies, prioritization, expansion
    • Development of training programs, coaching, people evaluation, objectives definition and evaluation, talent management, team recruitment
    • Transition Management during those processes & during the recruitment of the final team
  • Specialty Product launch & “re-launch”
    • Development of Local-Regional-Global plan based on deep customer insights, innovative targeting & segmentation, re-allocation of resources…
    • Development of local & regional patients & customers services
  • Branded generics
    • Development of product differentiation based on patients, prescribers, payers services in order to minimize price discounts
  • Biosimilars
    • Portfolio development
    • Development of local, regional, global launch Plans
    • Forecasting
    • Determination of Launch investment & organization set up by country
    • Contract negotiation (US) with payers and major oncology settings
  • Allergy
    • Product launches & re-launches
    • Geographic expansion to Europe, Russia, Australian, Asia, MEA, Maghreb
    • Customers, patients é prescribers educational and medical programs
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